Is it possible to just estimate without entering stories?

For anyone who experiences a need for a quicker type of game:

Right now we don't have any "rapid fire" pointing games developed, but here's a workaround solution for that need in the meantime:

As a Dealer, set up the game as you prefer (choose card deck type, add a timer if necessary, etc.) and then - because you can't start a game without 1 story - add in the title of "Recurring Story" and then Start the Game. Players can join, discuss the first story and then point. Once everyone has pointed, record the story elsewhere and then hit Reset for the next story until you've moved through the list. It works fairly well.

Of course, there is no way to record scores for stories this way. Perhaps if you added in very quick story titles like 1 (enter) 2 (enter) 3 (enter) you could move between them and have the scores recorded.

In the meantime, make sure to upvote the Quick Play idea in the User Ideas Forum. The team uses that list to prioritize stories for upcoming development.